Welcome to the CalcForge RPM Repository, maintained by Kevin Kofler and hosted by Tyler Cassidy. This repository contains Free Software and other distributable software (free for non-commercial use) related to TI calculators packaged for Fedora. (Currently, packages are built for Fedora 19, Fedora 20 and Fedora 21.) Packages in the Free section may require packages from Fedora only; packages in the non-Free section may require packages from Fedora, RPM Fusion and the Free section. (Of course, packages may also require other packages in the same section.) I plan to submit these packages to Fedora (the Free ones) or RPM Fusion nonfree (the non-Free ones) once they're fully cleaned up, but for now they're available in this repository.

Any issues, wishes, questions or comments regarding this repository may be posted to our CalcForge Repository Discussion forum.

Fedora 18 and earlier are no longer supported. As they no longer get any updates anymore, not even critical security updates, it is strongly recommended to upgrade to Fedora 21 (or 20, but it is recommended to use the latest release) NOW! CalcForge repositories for Fedora 18 and earlier are thus no longer available.

IMPORTANT: This is a Fedora RPM repository. The packages in this repository have not been tested on other RPM-based distributions (e.g. OpenSUSE, Mandriva etc.), and thus are not supported in any way under these distributions. If you are interested in a repository of these packages for those distributions, Tyler can provide hosting for you, but you have to be prepared to:

If you're not experienced with packaging, the best way to get these packages is to simply use Fedora.