tigcc-a68k - A68k Assembler for the TIGCC SDK

License: Distributable
This package includes the legacy A68k assembler which can be used with TIGCC to
compile assembly programs written for it. This assembler uses a slightly
different syntax than the GNU assembler normally used with TIGCC.


tigcc-a68k-0.96b08r1-2.x86_64 [110 KiB] Changelog by Kevin Kofler (2007-03-31):
Remove "TICT License" from license (code has been relicensed or split out).
Unpack and build sources (with Fedora flags), don't package installed binaries.
Build -debuginfo RPM.
Fix ld-tigcc warning and runtime abort with _FORTIFY_SOURCE.
Don't remove build in Install_step_2 for generated sources in -debuginfo.
Split out non-Free a68k subpackage.

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